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ACES members receive a 20% discount on one single-user subscription to AP Stylebook Online each year and one registration for the AP Stylebook Workshop.

What is AP Stylebook Online?

AP Stylebook Online takes everything you love about the print Stylebook and adds internet functionality and online-only content to make it a more robust, convenient tool.

As AP updates its style throughout the year, users can get email updates and check the new entries and recent changes section online.

You can create your own custom listings and add your own notes on AP's entries.

Subscribers can submit questions via Ask the Editor and search thousands of previously answered questions in the archive. Ask the Editor has more listings than the Stylebook itself.

Stylebook Online is mobile optimized so you can use it on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and always access AP style guidance wherever you go.

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What is the AP Stylebook Workshop?

This online workshop is designed to build your AP Stylebook knowledge with instruction, readings, quizzes and more to hone your writing and editing.

Learn directly from the AP editors who set AP style, in a mix of webinars and on-demand videos. You also get access to AP Stylebook Online and AP Stylebook Study Guide to help you develop your knowledge.

AP offers members a discount on the live AP Stylebook Workshop when it’s selling for full price. (Early-bird pricing is even lower than the member discount, so you don’t need a code to get that rate.)

You also get a discount on the AP Stylebook Workshop On Demand. We offer the on-demand version of the workshop when there isn’t a live installment coming up.

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How to claim your ACES discount

ACES members receive a 20% discount on one single-user subscription to AP Stylebook Online each year and one registration for the AP Stylebook Workshop.

To claim your discount, you will need your ACES membership number. If you are unsure of what it is, email

If you don't already have an account with, please register. On the third page of registration be sure to enter your ACES membership number and you will then qualify for ACES discounts on AP Stylebook products.

If you already have an account, you can make sure your ACES membership number is included with your account by going to the Edit My User Settings page.

Once you enter your ACES membership number, you should see a 20% off your AP Stylebook Online and AP Stylebook & Webster's New World Online individual subscription. This discount will apply whether you are a new or renewing member, and will apply on top of your member discount, if you work for a news organization that is a member of AP's news cooperative.

Similarly, you should see the discounted rate for the AP Stylebook Workshop after you enter your membership number. We will verify your order after you submit it to ensure you are an ACES member, so you might experience a slight delay before receiving your activation email.

If you have questions about how to place your order, we have an online help center, and if that doesn't answer your question, we offer customer support by phone, chat and email.

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