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2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Games symbols and culture
Olympic rings: five interlocking rings (blue, yellow, black, green and red) symbolizing the five continents. Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger). Olympic Charter: code of rules and principles governing the International Olympic Committee and Olympic movement. Olympism: IOC term for the philosophy of sport, culture and education behind the Olympic movement. Olympic hymn or anthem played at opening and closing ceremony. [more...]
Host city
Sochi, population 350,000, is a subtropical resort on the Black Sea, where ice events will be held at new indoor arenas at the Olympic Park. [more...]
A total of 98 gold medals will be handed out to individuals and teams. The medals designed by the hosts feature a patchwork quilt design representing the different regions of Russia. [more...]
Olympic terms
Olympic Park: site of five new indoor arenas for ice sports and the 40,000-seat Olympic Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held. Olympic Village, capitalized, or athletes village, lower case. [more...]
Sochi Games facts and figures
Sports: 15 Eight on ice: bobsled, curling, figure skating, hockey, luge, skeleton, speedskating, short track speedskating. Seven on snow: Alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping, snowboarding. New events: 12, including women's ski jumping, ski halfpipe and ski and snowboard slopestyle races. [more...]
Sochi mascots
A snow leopard, a polar bear and a hare.
Sochi names and acronyms
IOC: International Olympic Committee. [more...]
Sochi Winter Olympics
Dates: Feb. 7-23. Nations: more than 80 national teams will compete. Athletes: around 3,000. Medal events: 98.
Some winter sports terms
hockey: face off (v.), faceoff (n. [more...]
Spellings and usage
Capitalize games when attached to the host city or year: the Sochi Games and the 2014 Games. When standing alone, spell games lowercase: The games open Feb. [more...]
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