What's new in the 2015 edition

Changes in the 2015 Stylebook include:

  • Sports updates ranging over baseball playoffs, basketball’s NCAATournament, horse racing, injuries, Olympic Games, race distances, soccertactics and titles
  • New guidance on covering suicide in news reports. The phrase“committed suicide” should be avoided except in direct quotations fromauthorities because it may imply an illegal act. Alternate phrases are killedhimself, took her own life or died by suicide.
  • Global warming can be used interchangeably with climate change.
  • New or revised entries on the Affordable Care Act; animalwelfare activist; autism spectrum disorder; Ebola, execution-style; justify;obscenities, profanities and vulgarities; One World Trade Center; and privacy.
  • Nearly three dozen new entries, ranging from amaretto to tsimmes, in theFood chapter, and more than a dozen in the Fashion chapter, from Manolo Blahnikto Alexander Wang.

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