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Did you know the AP Stylebook is available to your students in three different ways?

AP Stylebook We update our spiral-bound Stylebook every year, adding new listings and updating existing ones.

At about 500 spiral-bound pages, the 2013 Stylebook includes more than a dozen of the new entries are in the sections on food (such as Benedictine and Grand Marnier, madeleine and upside-down cake) and fashion (chichi and froufrou), as well as new numerals and weapons sections, new entries on mental illness and illegal immigration, and an expanded social media chapter.

Among other new and revised entries are: Advent, Alaska Native, Asperger’s syndrome, athletic trainers, disabled/handicapped, doughnut, dumpster, ethnic cleansing, homicide/murder/manslaughter, moped, populist, rack/wrack, red carpet, swag, underway, wacky and wildfires.

The ISBN number for the 2013 Stylebook is 978-0-917360-57-2. You or your campus bookstore can place orders on our secure order form, and you can pay by credit card or check. We do not accept purchase orders, as we require pre-payment before shipping.

You can also request a desk copy by filling out a quick, easy form.

AP Stylebook Online The AP Stylebook Online is a fully searchable version of the AP Stylebook with online-only bonus features. As AP updates its style throughout the year, users can get email updates and easily review the new entries and recent changes section online.

Subscribers can submit questions via "Ask the Editor" and search thousands of previously answered questions in the archive. Pronouncers include phonetic spelling of hundreds of words as well as audio files so you can hear the right way to say names in the news.

Rates are based on the number of users, with pricing available either for individual named users or based on the number of concurrent users on a specified IP range. The price per user decreases with more users and can be more affordable than traditional books.

As the administrator, you can enter your own style entries or add notes to AP’s listings and all your students will be able to see your additions.

Email us to request a free 30-day trial of the Stylebook Online to evaluate it for your classroom use.

iPhone app The AP Stylebook mobile application features searchable listings for the main, sports, business, punctuation and social media sections, along with the ability to add your own custom entries as well as notes on AP listings. Star your favorite entries to easily find the listings you go to over and over again.

With the iOS app, compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you can take the AP Stylebook with you anywhere. The content is identical to the printed book, with the added functionality of search and personal notes, so your students who use the app will get the same style guidance as those using a spiral-bound printed Stylebook.

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