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Welcome to the official AP Style and usage quizzes used by AP staffers to brush up on fine points of writing and editing – and now available to subscribers.

Questions cover word usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation as set out in the AP Stylebook and other language references.

Examples come from AP news services, entries in the AP Stylebook and responses at Ask the Editor, the online AP Stylebook help site.

Quizzes are compiled by David Minthorn, co-editor of the AP Stylebook and the editor of Ask the Editor.

The questions are multiple-choice. Answer by clicking the correct button below each sentence.

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No. 1: spellings, possessive, subject-verb agreement

1) The (one-time; one time; onetime) luxury vessel is larger than the Titanic and still holds the record for the fastest trans-Atlantic passenger ship crossing.

  • one-time
  • one time
  • onetime

2) Which headline is correct?

  • a. Junta arrests 100s after attempted counter-coup, claims control of capital
  • b. Junta arrests 100s after attempted counter coup, claims control of capital
  • c. Junta arrests hundreds after attempted countercoup, claims control of capital

3) “I believe what I meant by that is Ms. Mellon was still supportive of (Mr. Edwards’s; Mr. Edward’s; Mr. Edwards’) causes,” Brumberger testified.

  • Mr. Edwards’s
  • Mr. Edward's
  • Mr. Edwards’

4) Unions are angry that Detroit is trying to mend its (financially-battered; financially battered) books by laying off workers.

  • financially-battered
  • financially battered

5) One in 3 young adults with autism (have; has) no paid job experience, college or technical schooling nearly seven years after high school graduation, a study finds.

  • have
  • has

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