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2015 March Madness

The Associated Press compiled a list of essential basketball words, phrases and definitions for coverage of the NCAA Tournament for U.S. college men and women from mid-March through early April. Most terms are from the Sports
Guidelines in the AP Stylebook: Others are in common usage in AP news stories.
All-America, All-American
The Associated Press recognizes only one All-America team chosen each year by the AP.
March Madness
Capitalized in all references to the yearly college basketball championships for men and women.
NCAA Tournament
Both terms are capitalized. Acceptable in all references to the National Collegiate Athletic Association's championships.
In general, spell out one through nine in most uses and use figures for 10 or above.
Avoid the redundant new record. Correct: The team won 33 games to set a conference record.
Capitalize teams, leagues and nicknames: Kansas, Big Ten, the Wildcats.
Use common descriptions for time frames in unless the exact time is truly relevant: Midway through
Job descriptions, team positions and informal titles are lowercase: coach John Calipari. Some other informal titles spelled lowercase: captain, manager, trainer.
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