StyleGuard Installation Instructions

StyleGuard Installation Instructions for PC

1              Close Microsoft Word, if you are running the program.

2              For Windows XP, go to the lower left of your screen and click on the Start button then choose Run.
For Windows 7, go to the lower left of your screen and click on the Start button.

In the box that opens up, cut and paste this link: and press Enter

Description: XP-Office10-Step01-markedup.png  Description: XP-Office10-Step02-markup.png

3              Click Run to run the downloaded file and begin installation of the StyleGuard plug-in (add-in).
(Alternatively, you can save the file "APSetup.exe" to your desktop or another place where you can find it easily, then double-click on APSetup.exe to launch the file and begin installation.)

Description: XP-Office10-Step03-markup.png  Description: XP-Office10-Step04-markup.png

4              You might be asked to install the Visual Studio Tools for the Office Runtime (version 4.0). Choose Accept to continue.

Description: XP-Office10-Step05-optional-a.png  Description: XP-Office10-Step05-optional-b.png

5              Installation of StyleGuard should now start. Click Next to start the installation of StyleGuard.

Description: XP-Office10-Step06.png

6              Click Next to install StyleGuard at the default directory.

Description: XP-Office10-Step07.png

7              Select “I Agree” and click Next to continue the installation after reviewing the license agreement.

Description: XP-Office10-Step08-markup.png  Description: XP-Office10-Step09-markup.png

8              Continue installation by clicking Next
(If you encounter the following error:

Error reading from file Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Your anti-virus program or system setting may be blocking the download of the rest of the setup program. You can turn off the anti-virus program and run setup again or simply click on the Start button and Run the rest of the setup directly from:


Description: XP-Office10-Step10.png  Description: XP-Office10-Step11.png  

9              Complete the installation by clicking Close

Description: XP-Office10-Step12.png

10          Start Microsoft Word. After installing StyleGuard, the StyleGuard pane should show up as part of Microsoft Word at the right. Select the StyleGuard tab in the Ribbon.

Description: XP-Office10-Step14.png

11          Click on the “AP Stylebook 2011” icon

Description: XP-Office10-Step15.png

12          After the Style Collection Browser pops up, follow the instruction to activate the AP Stylebook 2011 style collection as shown below:

Description: XP-Office10-Step17.png

13          Enter your information and the unique StyleGuard activation code to activate the AP Stylebook 2011 style collection. NOTE: One easy way to enter the activation key is to copy the activation key from the email you have received after purchasing AP StyleGuard, click inside the area where the activation key should be entered, press CTRL+V to paste the copied activation key into it.

Description: XP-Office10-Step17-markup.png

14          Once you have filled in the form, click Activate

Description: XP-Office10-Step18.png

15          Your AP Stylebook 2011 style collection should now be activated. Click OK to continue.

Description: XP-Office10-Step19.png


16          Close the Style Collection Browser:

Description: XP-Office10-Step21.png

17          You can now enjoy the style checking features provided by StyleGuard. Below is a an example:

  Description: XP-Office10-Step22.png